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Grievance Redressal Cell

We have constituted a Grievance Redressal Cell to address genuine problems and complaints of students and staff. The complaint management mechanism is carried out in three levels in the institution

    The departmental level grievances are attended by the concerned class Coordinators ,Counselors and Department Heads.
    The student coordinators and staff coordinators of grievance redressal cell act as facilitators to communicate and sort out the grievances at the department level.
    Unresolved grievances at the departmental level are referred to the Grievance Redressal Cell of the institution.


1. Er. Gagandeep Singh Bansal – Convenor (Lecturer in EE Deptt.)
E-Mail: gaganghwaddi810@gmail.com
Mob. No.: 78-371-02409.
2. Er. Leeza Sharma - Member (AP in CSE Deptt.)
E-Mail: leezasharma94@gmail.com
Mob. No.: 76-968-07175.
3. Er. Kulwinder Singh Pandher – Member (Lecturer in CSE Deptt.)
E-Mail: kulwinderpandher325@gmail.com
Mob. No.: 97-795-05089.
4. Er. Talwinder Singh Kailey – Member (Lecturer in CE Deptt.)
E-Mail: civilbpc@gmail.com
Mob. No.: 98-773-06556.
5. Mr. Ravidner Singh Rattan – Member (Hostel Warden)
E-Mail: royalrattan85@gmail.com
Mob. No.: 88-376-95027.

Students and Staff can approach this cell to submit his / her grievance in a written letter. Students may also express their grievances online by filling out the form below:-

Online Complaint Form Click Here